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Scappoose 1884-Present

In 1884 the railroad came through Scappoose.  The train went as far as Goble, Oregon at which point passengers and train cars were loaded onto barges and ferried across the Columbia River to complete their journey on the Washington side.

In 1883 William West built the first mercantile, and in 1888 the store  was purchased by James Grant Watts and his brother-in-law D.W. Price who renamed the store "Watts and Price General Merchandise".










By 1894 the business district was pretty well established between the Columbia River Highway and SW First Street. In the image below, Watts and Price General Merchandise is the building with the tower.










In 1915, fire broke out in Lilly Shell's boarding house and destroyed half of the business district and six residences. The fire spared Watts and Price Mercantile. 




1920 James Grant Watts was elected the first Mayor of Scappoose.
1921 Scappoose was incorporated.  The first City Charter was established and Scappoose officially became a City.  This meeting took place in the home of Mayor Watts.
1930 another fire destroyed most of the City, including the Watts and Price Mercantile.
Between 1931 and 1959 the City was rebuilding and Scappoose saw their first electric lights, city water system, public library and better schools built.
The remainder of the decade Scappoose continued to grow with many people moving from the big city of Portland to a more relaxed way of life.
The millennium saw a continuing growth in population.  Housing developments were established and businesses came and went.
Today small businesses are the life blood of Scappoose. We have an aviation district outside town with a small airport and Highway 30 is lined with shops and professional offices.  However, our citizens still enjoy that small town feeling.

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